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Have you been affected by events in 2020? Whether it is how to make a Universal Credit claim for the first time, or how to create a budget, we are here to help. UBENEFIT – Citizens Advice Hampshire in partnership with Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation, bringing together a range of guides, tips and tools.


Guiding you through a range of money management tools to help you, particularly if you are experiencing unemployment for the first time.

How can we help you.

UBenefit brings all the tools here under one roof, in an easy to find and easy to use format. Here are some important topics we are researching for you now. Take a closer look at the following topics, by registering with UBenefit today.

A first-time guide to claiming Universal Credit

Quids in! has published an emergency, digital edition of the Guide to Universal Credit for new claimants affected by the coronavirus lockdown.

A recent survey found more than a third of people Citizens Advice has helped, struggled to provide the evidence needed to complete their Universal Credit claim.

Universal Credit Help to Claim

Universal Credit may assist with living costs for working age residents. If you are on a low income or out of work, you may be able claim Universal Credit. Citizens Advice has already helped more than 230,000 people with Universal Credit since its introduction.

Citizen Advice offers free, independent, impartial, and confidential advice, with benefits the top issue for which people come for help. You are not alone. Our Help to Claim service will give you the support you need right now.

Quids In Readers Club Money advice email

UBenefit has join together with Quids In to bring you a monthly newsletter packed with information to help your money go further. The newsletter normally costs £0.00 but we have arranged a free 3 month subscription to get you up and running.

Every month we can share with you a mix of news and real-life stories. Everything written is aimed at people on low budgets. The newsletter also includes tips on how to make your money go further and more help on how to apply for financial support.

They don’t advertise credit cards or loans. Instead they promote honest advice and real deals that will help you make ends meet.

Ways to track your spending

There are some great Apps to help you record your spending. Keeping track of your financial commitments and spending is an important step when living on a tight budget. We have done the leg work to bring the most recommended to you.

If you are not so App’y, check out our tried and tested Spending Diary. UBenefit have teamed with Work out Your Money to bring a free, handy little notebook you can carry around, with prompts to remind us all where the pennies go. Use the form below to order your free copy.

Getting to grips with changes in your income

We know that so many households have struggled to make ends meet, particularly those with limited savings. The first step in dealing with a change in financial circumstances is to start a fresh budget.

We have sourced some of the best ways to prepare a personalised budget, with the help of Digital Unite and their step-by-step video to create your own Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.

If you are not a fan of spreadsheets and need a ready-made version, we’ve got that covered too.

Would you like to talk to us?

Sometimes we just need to talk it through. Ubenefit offers a free personal contact service.

You can reach out to us for help, by booking a call. Please register so we can arrange a time to do this.

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